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Our Company Background

Let's grow together! Learn more about us and why we are the right choice for you.

Halaal.Net is a Network of halal-related websites.

It is supposed to be a resource for people looking to build a halal business (directory.halaal.net), for halal foodies (halaalfood.net), as halal job finder (uphalal.com), a spouse finder (halalharmony.com – coming soon) and to connect with other like-minded individuals (social.halaal.net – coming soon) who want are trying their best to live their life in accordance to our beautiful deen and to get the reward and forgiveness in the akhira for doing so.

As a first milestone we have build a food ordering app for restaurants who can join our network for a small flat fee and keep growing their customer base while owning their micro-site on our/their platform…


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